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Strategic partnerships are the perfect way to build brand traction, expand your customer base, and stimulate revenue growth. 

We have over 25 years of experience designing, developing and deploying strategic, loyalty, recognition and reward programmes for some of the world's biggest technology, travel, and financial institutions. We create new tailored programmes and rejuvenate the old.

Mauve will work with you to identify the right partners and develop a tailored solution that will cover the UK, EMEA, USA, Latin America, and Asia as required. Mauve can bring you value-for-money exposure, cross-marketing opportunities, and events with the most iconic brand names globally. 

Our insights include vast sector knowledge of point-based, published and unpublished loyalty programmes, redemption strategies, customer targeting, purchasing behaviour, and sponsorship management. By strategically partnering businesses together we offer exclusive privileges, access, benefits, unique experiences, events, and opportunities to drive new and incremental revenue.